High Speed Internet

Keep Your Business Connected with Clearsurf’s High-Speed Internet.

Industry-Leading 99.99% SLA

Our High-Speed Internet service provides a wide range of speed options and plans tailored to your specific requirements. With speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps (megabytes per second) to 1 Gbps (gigabytes per second), you can scale your connection effortlessly, ensuring seamless connectivity and accommodating your bandwidth needs. Our internet services enable you to adjust your bandwidth based on your usage patterns, effortlessly scaling up or down as your employee count or usage demands fluctuate. We offer Fiber, Copper and Wi-Max or Fixed Wireless infrastructures, ensuring that we can cater to each company’s unique needs. We can offer both primary and backup Internet with SD-WAN to help manage efficiently.

Business VoIP/Hosted PBX

Partnering with IPFone for VoIP phone services

Reduce Communications Costs

VoIP systems eradicate the necessity for costly hardware and expensive repairs. IPFone’s solution is hosted on our own network, liberating you from the burdens and expenses associated with maintenance and repairs. You can select a service that precisely matches your requirements, enabling you to pay solely for the usage you require and reducing your monthly expenses. Furthermore, VoIP allows you to consolidate your phone and data services onto a single network, streamlining costs for your complete suite of services. With a digital phone system, you can expand your communication capabilities while benefiting from significantly lower costs.


The Cisco SD-WAN Powered by Meraki presents a solution that streamlines network management for network administrators, reducing operational costs and enhancing application performance

Intelligent Internet Management.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) introduces a fresh approach to network connectivity, enabling significant reductions in operational costs and optimizing resource utilization, particularly for multisite deployments. This innovative solution empowers network administrators to maximize bandwidth efficiency, ensuring superior performance for crucial applications while maintaining stringent security measures and safeguarding data privacy.

Intelligent Internet Management.

SD-WAN is the ideal solution for multi-site network management. Control your entire deployment from one location with SD-WAN.