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fixed wireless Internet service provider

We offer business fixed wireless Internet service to organizations in South Florida.  We also partner with wireless Internet providers in Atlanta, Dallas, East Texas, Houston, San Diego. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix and Baltimore.  Clearsurf offers many telecommunications services to organizations and businesses.   Through the use of WiMAX, fixed wireless and fiber technologies, Clearsurf has been helping businesses for over 17 years. 

We employ Cisco networking, Mikrotik, Cambium Networks, Ubiquity and Mimosa wireless equipment to deliver high speed Internet to businesses and organizations.

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fixed wireless Internet service provider

  • Fixed wireless business Internet with speeds from 5 Mbps to over 10 Gigabits per second.
  • Fixed wireless connections from one to multiple locations in an area or campus.
  • Fiber connections from our data center in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale to your location.
  • Fiber connections from two or more of your locations.
  • Wi-Fi Networks at your office or campus.

Business Internet Symmetric Speed Offerings

  • 5 Mbps x 5 Mbps
  • 10 Mbps x 10 Mbps
  • 20 Mbps x 20 Mbps
  • 50 Mbps x 50 Mbps
  • 100 Mbps x 100 Mbps
  • 200 Mbps x 200 Mbps
  • 500 Mbps x 500 Mbps
  • 1 Gig up to 20 Gig

Best Effort Speed Offerings

  • 10 Mbps x 2 Mbps
  • 15 Mbps x 3 Mbps
  • 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps
  • 30 Mbps x 5 Mbps
  • 50 Mbps x 10 Mbps

Fiber Speed Offerings

  • 10 Mbps Symmetric
  • 20 Mbps Symmetric
  • 50 Mbps Symmetric
  • 100 Mbps Symmetric
  • 250 Mbps Symmetric
  • 500 Mbps Symmetric
  • 1,000 Mbps Symmetric
  • 2 Gig up to 10 Gig Symmetric

If your business needs SD-WAN, VoIP or Wi-Fi networking services give us a call today.

Many businesses over the years since Clearsurf installed the fixed wireless network in 2003, have used both temporary and permanent Internet services.

Clearsurf can help you with temporary Internet needs in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Installation costs vary depending on the location.  Call (877) 807-8752


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