About Clearsurf

We began in 1999 as a filtered Internet company. That is where “Clear” Surf got it’s name. Our goal was to protect families and individuals from unwanted content in the home. In 2003 we opened up the B2B division using Motorola technology for fixed wireless and Clearsurf began reaching businesses in South Florida.

Today in 2023, we offer fiber nationally with our partnership with IPFone, a leader in telecom that allows us to offer Business VoIP, DIA and Business Fiber along with SDWAN and wireless backup service. We have been working togther for many years.

Our customer service and commitment to excellence stands out with the clients we serve.

We are headquartered in Miami, Florida. We service Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Athens & East Texas, Baltimore, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Oakland, Riverside & San Bernardino and Palm Springs through our fixed wireless partner One Ring Networks.

(800) 235-4556 / 305-885-3860 sales@clearsurf.com Clearsurf International connects people and organizations with superior high speed Internet and telecom services. We utilize state of the art fixed wireless with FCC approved wireless communications and partner with global fiber companies and national broadband services to offer a wide array of telecom solutions.

Our service offerings are:

High Speed Internet, from fiber, copper and Wimax or often called fixed wireless. We also provide VoIP phone services and SD-WAN.

Clearsurf’s partners:

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