Case Studies


A transformer blows out causing the main Internet connection to go down in the middle of closing the books. The controller would like to get some help to get the Internet going again as soon as possible.

Clearsurf International Solution:

Our team was able to install a fixed wireless solution the same day, within hours the controller was able to finish closing the books. Toyota has been a customer ever since, for years now. This high quality service led the IT consulting company to add other dealerships to the Clearsurf International network.

Multi National Furniture Store,
Coral Gables, Florida


Connecting South and North America with 100 Mbps with no filtering between locations. Fiber was ordered, but may take 12 months.


Clearsurf International connected a fixed wireless solution from main base station to deliver over 100 Mbps symmetrical speeds. The client “really loves our service”. Our referring partner will suggest to keep this connection even after fiber arrives.

American Hedge Fund – Over 10B AUM


Multiple fiber connections went down in the middle of an investment day. All of the circuits came into the offices on the same last mile fiber. How can they get a diverse path off the common last mile?


Clearsurf International installed a fixed wireless solution to bring 100 Mbps over a different fiber path. Soon after the link was increased to 300 Mbps using an FCC 10 year license. Client used this bandwidth for internal Wi-Fi and a backup to the fiber.

South Florida Law Firm


This firm had two locations they needed to connect while waiting for fiber connections to each building. The wait may be eight months. They needed to continue to work efficiently. In addition, there was no line of sight between the offices.


Clearsurf International installed a fixed wireless solution to bring 100 Mbps symmetrical after securing the roof rights with a local hospital nearby.
The connection was a success, as they could continue a secure connection between the two offices.

Ocean View Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale

Challenges: Important client needs 500 Mbps Internet in very near future. Cable and fiber companies could not meet the deadline to help the hotel serve and keep the client.

Solution: Clearsurf International secures FCC licensed link to deliver over Cambium Networks equipment 635 Mbps symmetrical. Client was happy and so was the hotel as they agree to 36 months

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